Cyclist with Face Mask

Communities across the US are beginning to open back up. Biking is often found on the list of permitted activities. If you prepare and follow some safety best practices, biking can be a fun and enjoyable way to get out of the house while staying healthy. Here are some tips for bike safety coming out of quarantine.

1. Wear a Mask

Just because you’re cruising on a bike doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t follow guidelines about wearing a face covering. You never know where your ride will take you. You may stop to chat with someone or be nearby other cyclists and pedestrians at traffic intersections. Wear a mask for their safety and yours.

2. Bring Hand Sanitizer and Avoid High-Touch Surfaces

You may run into some high-touch surfaces while cycling. Things like crosswalk buttons, for instance, are inevitable. You can avoid touching them with your hands by using your wrist or elbow instead. Just be cautious not to lose your balance on your bike – dismount if needed. Bring some hand sanitizer with you to clean off your hands as needed. Also, avoid touching things that go near your face like the spigot on your water bottle. Opt for something like a Camelback instead that allows you to bite down to open the flow of water without touching it with your hands. And, of course, avoid touching your face.

3. Maintain Social Distancing

Biking is a great activity during these times because it’s generally pretty easy to keep a safe distance. Stick to riding with people in your household or cycling solo. Maintain a safe distance from other cyclists and pedestrians as you ride. We’ve all got to look out for one another and ourselves. This is one way you can do that.

4. As Always, Wear a Helmet

Don’t forget the most classic bike safety tip of all – wear a helmet! Practice basic proactive safety measures while biking. This is not the time to wind up in the hospital as a result of an avoidable accident! Always remember to:

  • Wear a helmet
  • Use bike lights day and night
  • Follow traffic rules and use hand signals

Happy trails to you!