5 ways you can stay active and exploring while following coronavirus guidelines

Coronavirus or COVID-19 has impacted the daily routines and travel plans of people around the world. Many are avoiding public places (including the gym) or halting travel plans to reduce their risk.

It can seem daunting to stay active when coronavirus interrupts your gym and travel routines, but it’s more important than ever for people to protect their health. That includes remaining physically active and reducing stress.

Regular, moderate exercise has been shown to boost immune function and reduce the risk of illness. Even if your travel plans have been postponed, you can find a local getaway without leaving your community!

Here are 5 ways you can stay active when coronavirus interrupts your gym and travel routines.

1. Work out at home.

This may be obvious, but you can always work out at home! From yoga to calisthenics to cardio, there are many ways to fit in a sweat session without opening your front door. YouTube is chock full of guided workouts for every skill level. Here are a couple of workout videos you can follow that do not require any equipment.

Equipment Free Yoga Workout

Equipment Free Strength Workout

Equipment Free Cardio Workout

2. Go for a walk or hike.

Get some fresh air and stretch your legs on a local hike. Look up your local hiking trails or paved walking trails, grab a water bottle, and head outdoors. If you’ve never explored your local hiking and walking trails, it will be like a mini-vacation for you to do something new.

3. Ride a bike.

Riding a bike can help you stay active and is an alternative to public transportation to get you where you need to go. In fact, biking may get you there faster than other modes of transportation.

Do a quick maintenance check on your bike and take it to a local bike shop for a tune-up if needed before heading out. Always wear a helmet when biking and plan your routes in advance, focusing on low-traffic streets and bike paths whenever possible.

Who knows, you might like biking for transportation so much that you keep up the habit!

4. Play with your kids.

Any parent or babysitter can attest to the fact that playing with children is a workout. Many families will have their kids at home more if local schools and community events experience closures. Use the opportunity to spend some quality time (and release some of their pent-up energy) by playing hard together. Here’s a list of 25 ideas for indoor exercise games and activities you can do with your kids.

Back Yard Campsite
Set up a back yard campsite for a getaway when you’re stuck at home.

5. Make a back yard (or livingroom) campground.

Take a mini-vacation in your backyard by setting up a campground. No back yard? No problem. Set up your getaway in the living room instead. Learn how to camp indoors here and find inspiration for a back yard escape here. A little at-home camping can help quench your wanderlust. And at a minimum, this will get you off the couch and moving even when you’re stuck at home.

There are risks of injury with any form of physical activity. If you’re unwell or have health concerns, then speak with your healthcare provider before changing up your exercise habits.