AAA is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when planning an active vacation, but they do much more than just help with cars.

A membership with AAA can make your entire travel experience smoother and more affordable. Here are 4 ways AAA can help with your travels.

1. Roadside Assistance (for Bikes!)

You probably know that AAA will provide roadside assistance for broken-down cars, but did you know they’ll do the same for a broken-down bike? It’s true!

AAA will pick you up if your bike breaks down.

The Bicycle Roadside Assistance benefit was introduced in 2017 and is now provided in most of the AAA service areas throughout the United States.

Experiencing a mechanical failure on your bike that you cannot fix yourself is a bummer any time it happens. When you’re biking in an unfamiliar place or on a remote stretch of road with no local businesses or rideshare services in sight, it can send you right into panic mode.

If you’re planning a long ride through remote areas, then this one benefit can be a real lifesaver. Call ahead to confirm that this service is available where you’ll be riding, then pedal without a care!

2. A Free, Full-Service Travel Agency

AAA membership comes with free access to travel professionals who can help you book every aspect of your trip. This is super handy for those of us pressed for time – and who isn’t?

A seasoned travel agent can help navigate you through the mind-numbing process of searching for the best flights, hotels, and other necessities for your trip. They can also make recommendations and tip you off to local attractions where you can get discounts with your membership.

3. Serious Savings on Hotels

When you’re on vacation you are almost certainly going to need a hotel at some point. The AAA rate at hotels will almost always match or beat all the booking websites and apps out there. The average savings are between 10-20%.

Here’s an example of a random date we chose for the Driskill hotel in Austin, TX.

AAA rate for The Driskill on their website.
Expedia rate for The Driskill on the same nights.

As you can see, the AAA rate beats almost every other rate provided directly through the hotel, and it beats Expedia.

Another perk of using the AAA rate is that you book directly with the hotel. If you have to change your plans, want an upgrade, or need to adjust the charges, it’s a whole lot easier when you’ve booked directly instead of through a 3rd party travel site.

So, when it comes to hotels, AAA gives you the best of both worlds in terms of savings and the convenience of direct booking.

4. Discounts at Local Attractions

AAA discounts go far beyond hotels and rental cars. You can use a AAA membership to save on admissions fees to local attractions like amusement parks and museums. AAA can also help you save up to 40% on live entertainment. You can even get some VIP treatment at big events – AAA Members get to skip the lines at Live Nation concerts!

Is a AAA worth the cost?

Memberships with AAA range from $56 to $119 per year. If you’ve ever been stranded with a broken-down bike, then you’ll probably agree with us that a safety net for roadside assistance is well worth this expense.

If you’re aiming to have this expense pay for itself, then you can do a quick cost-benefit to see if you can break even with savings. Chances are that if you’re booking 5 or more nights per year at a hotel, then a AAA membership can pay for itself and even save you a few bucks. You should also read up on all the membership benefits and factor in other perks that you may use when at home.

How do I get a AAA membership?

You can get your AAA membership in a flash online. Just go to the website, choose “Membership” from the menu at the top, and select “Join AAA”. From there just follow the prompts to choose the membership type that suits you best.

This is where you can sign up with AAA.

You can also reach out to a local branch if you prefer the “offline shopping” approach. You can search for locations on their website.

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