Marquette is known for its natural beauty and local culture. This self-guided bicycle tour will take you to breathtaking outdoor scenery, world-renowned architecture, tasty local delicacies, and some of the best, most carefully crafted coffee you’ll ever sip!

This self-guided tour is positively delightful in the spring and summer months. In the fall and winter, add a few layers and hop on a fat bike to enjoy the ride in a whole new way!

This tour will take you to 11 must-see local destinations. From souvenir shops to spectacular natural scenery to historical landmarks and local flavors – there’s something for everyone.

  1. Begin at Contrast Coffee Co.
  2. Yooper Shirts
  3. Travel Marquette
  4. Donckers
  5. Mattson Park
  6. Marquette Harbor Light
  7. Pebble Beach
  8. Superior Dome
  9. Jean Kay’s Pasties & Subs
  10. Upper Harbor Ore Dock
  11. Presque Isle Park

This self-guided bike tour is brought to you by Travel Marquette.

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