Mental Vacation for Cyclists, Photo Credit: Luke Chesser

Can’t escape? Here are some videos to help you take a mental vacation.

Whether you’ve got 30 minutes or 30 seconds to spare, these videos will give you a break and might just inspire your next travel adventure!

If you’ve got 1 hour: “Off the Beaten Path” An adventure cycling film

Fat bikes! We love these bicycles outfitted with monster tires. They let you tackle every type of terrain and weather condition. They’re also supremely comfortable to ride. Off the Beaten Path is an adventurous celebration of fat bikes that takes you into deep cuts of natural and urban landscapes where you never thought you could ride. Spoiler alert: you can ride there…on a fat bike. Settle in for 60 minutes of delicious eye candy.

If you’ve got 30 minutes: El Silencio: Cycling the Peru Divide

El Silencio: Cycling the Peru Divide by Jay Bird Films is a short documentary that follows four cyclists as they bikepack through the mountainous Peru Divide. The short film has incredible scenery and videography. The locals who greet and help the cyclists along the way are just as much a part of the adventure as the ride itself. You’ll wish you had the skinned knees to prove you went on this epic off-road bike experience!

If you’ve got 10 minutes: Cycling Great Britain

Have you ever dreamed of riding through the British countryside? This beautiful visual journey will take you on a 950-mile ride across Great Britain. Cycling Great Britain has the feel of a video travel journal, capturing organic moments that *happen* to have a backdrop of exquisitely beautiful scenery. You’ll be booking a flight to London by the end of this film!

If you’ve got 5 minutes: McKenzie River Trail Mountain Biking (Part 1)

The Pacific Northwest has some of the best mountain biking in the United States. McKenzie River Trail Mountain Biking (Part 1) follows two mountain bikers as they ride the McKenzie River Trail between Eugene and Bend in Oregon. The scenery in Willamette National Forest alone is worth a watch. This short video is a study in why mountain biking is worth every root, rock and brutal branch. From giant redwood trees to powerful waterfalls, MTB gives you a front-row row seat to some of the best views around!

If you’ve got 60 seconds: The Bike Ride

The Bike Ride is an adorable animated nugget of a film. Cyclists often say that riding a bike gives them a sense of child-like joy that is rare in adulthood. The Bike Ride is a burst of that pure that cycling joy captured in a quick animation. If you need a little bright spot in your day, queue up this video and enjoy!

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