While hitting the road with nothing but you and your trusty bike sounds like a dream, in fact, there is a ton of gear you might want to take with you on your cycling trip to make the most of it. Throughout this article, we will be discussing some of the best gear to take with you and exactly why having it will make your travels far better.

A Water Source

It goes without saying that proper hydration is going to be key when you’re out there. Unless you plan to stop at every store on your way, it is best to start strong. To carry your water, you could go with the typical water bottle. In most cases, you’ll be perfectly fine. However, with longer journeys or for those of you who can’t get enough water, a hydration pack might be your best bet. Even the most basic hydration packs hold about 10-15 liters and most sit easily within your bag.

A Way to Charge Your Phone

The last thing you want on a journey is to be without your mobile phone. Charging on the go is now possible with power banks that can fit in your pocket. While the charge they can hold differs between models and brands, even the cheapest version will charge your phone back up to full once or twice. The length of your journey determines which model you would need to pick up, but we’ll leave that part up to you.

Lightweight Clothing

During a cycling trip (and really with any kind of cycling) the smallest things can make a big difference. This is never truer than with your choice of clothing. The wrong clothes are going to rub, chafe and really put a dampener on your cycling.

We recommend looking for rugged yet lightweight gear that’s going to be able to deal with the weather as well as keep you comfortable throughout. Any cycling or outdoors store worth its salt is going to have what you need, so our suggestion is to head there and let them know what kind of journey you’re going on and for how long. They’ll be happy to help.

A Micro Bike Repair Kit

Earlier we said the last thing you want is a journey without a mobile phone. We may have spoken too soon. The last thing that you want is for your bike to fall apart in the middle of nowhere. There are a ton of different bike repair kits you can get that will fit in your bag and cover the basics to keep you on the go.

Again, all of these things can be purchased at your local cycling or outdoor store and the staff there will definitely have the knowledge you need to back you up so they’re your best bet.

John Best is the founder of mybestroadbikes.com. To read more about cycling, road bike reviews, and a variety of different content, visit mybestroadbikes.com.

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