When you’re out and about in a new place the last thing you want to worry about is keeping track of sensitive personal items. Keep it light when you travel for a more pleasurable experience. Doing so can also help make your financial information less vulnerable. If your wallet is stolen while traveling then you’re stuck without cash, cards, your ID and maybe more. Travel safer and easier by carrying around less.

Luckily, there’s no need to carry around all of your cards and cash. Here are some helpful tips to travel and explore without a wallet.

Commit to 1 Payment Method

Choose one card to make your purchases. Only bring that one card with you when you leave the hotel. It’s a good idea to carry a little cash as well just in case you visit a business that doesn’t accept cards. Lock up the rest of your cards and cash in your wallet in the hotel room. Carrying 1 card takes up barely any space. If you lose it, just call to cancel the card and rest easy knowing that your other payment options are safely stowed away and accessible to you back in your hotel room. Crisis averted.

Stick it to Your Phone

Make your phone multitask even more! Pick up a cardholder that attaches to the back of your phone (some great options are below). These handy accessories turn your phone into a mini wallet. They can hold the bare necessities like 1 credit card, 1 hotel key, your ID and a little cash. This solution fits right into your pocket. It’s both convenient and more secure to only have to keep track of one thing.

Download an App

Want to forgo cards and cash altogether? Use an app like Apple Pay or Google Pay Send to pay electronically. Just connect your cards or bank account with the app so you can easily pay with your phone and leave all your cards at the hotel. This is a pretty reliable option, especially in larger cities. If you go this route then it’s still a good idea to bring a bit of cash with you since some businesses may not accept electronic payments.

Buy in Advance

If you already know what you’ll be doing while you’re out and about, then consider paying ahead. Order and pay for admission to museums, tours, and other activities before you go. All you’ll need is an electronic ticket or receipt on your phone for entry. Using this trick can also save a few dollars. You can often find coupon codes that can only be used online.

Use one or two of these strategies – or combine them all – then get out and enjoy your adventure! Travel light rest assured knowing your financial information is more secure.

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