When riding a bike from here to there, you may need to freshen up a bit when you’ve arrived at your destination. Just duck into a restroom armed with a few handy tools to keep yourself looking and feeling great. Toss these toiletries into your bag before your next ride.

1. Microfiber Washcloth

A simple microfiber washcloth is your secret weapon when it comes to on-the-go touch-ups. Just wet the cloth with water and wipe away any sweat and grime you may have picked up on your ride. Microfiber cloths are great because when you rinse them off and wring them out they dry almost instantly! If you need to dry completely just run it under a hand drier for a minute. Since these are reusable, they’re great eco-friendly alternatives to disposable body wipes.

2. Travel-Sized Deodorant

A travel-sized deodorant can be reapplied as needed throughout the day. You can also carry a few deodorant wipes like these powered by tea tree oil to fend off sweat and body odor.

3. Small Brush

A simple travel brush can collapse into the size of a compact and fit in your bag. Use it to fend off helmet hair with a quick brush-out. If you have longer hair, bring hair ties as well. A ponytail, bun, or braid can quickly get your tresses back on track.

4. Blotting Papers

Biking about can give you a flush, rosy glow. It can also make you shiny. Blotting papers can keep you looking like you did when you left the house (or close to it, anyway).

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