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Nice Ride is a bike share system in Minneapolis, MN that’s a great resource for quick trips around the city. Skip the car traffic and hop on one of the thousands of bicycles at more than 400 stations instead. Nice Ride is one of the most comprehensive bike share systems in the nation! Read on to learn how to enjoy a Nice Ride during your next trip to Minneapolis.

What is Nice Ride?

Nice Ride is a bike share system that uses both docked and dockless bikes. Docks are like bike parking racks where the bikes can be checked in and out. That’s where you’ll find docked bikes which can be checked out using a physical key or app. Dockless bikes, on the other hand, can be parked and dropped off anywhere, and are usually unlocked using a smartphone app.

Who can use Nice Ride?

Whether you live in Minneapolis or are just visiting, anyone 18 or older can use Nice Ride bikes!

How do you use Nice Ride?

  1. Download the Nice Ride app.
  2. Register for a membership or a short term pass.
  3. Use the app to find a bike near you.
  4. Use the app to unlock a bike and pedal on!
  5. Return the bike to a dock or nearby hub to end your trip.

How much does it cost to use Nice Ride?

If you have a membership (recommended for locals and people who visit often) then it’s $75 per year. The annual membership gives you unlimited 60-minute rides for a full year. Woohoo! If you’re only in town short-term you can get a day pass for $6 which gives you unlimited 30-minute rides for a 24 hour period. Just need a bike for a one-way trip? You can pay for a single ride pass for $2 that covers you for up to 30 minutes.

Where can I find Nice Ride bikes?

Nice ride bikes are all over Minneapolis. The highest concentration of docks is in the downtown area and around the University of Minnesota campus, but there’s pretty good coverage for about a 4-mile radius around the city center. Check out the system map to see all the locations.

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