Make planning and navigating your next trip easier (and cheaper) with these handy apps.

Have you ever wondered if you got the best rate on a flight or hotel? Or if you packed the right things for your trip? Or how to find the best of your favorite activities in your destination? These apps will provide solutions to all these challenges and more for your best, most prepared trip ever.

1. Last Minute Travel

Last Minute Travel has an app (and website) that lets you get “last minute” deals whether you’re booking travel for tomorrow or months in the future. Last Minute Travel boasts that they can connect you to “175 airlines and offers 120,000+ hotels and 10,000+ activities in over 4,500 cities worldwide.” When you download the app you can get $25 off your first booking of $250 or more.

2. Hopper

Hopper is an app that can monitor hotel prices for you in advance of your trip to make sure you get the best deal. It tracks the patterns of price fluctuations and will notify you when your desired booking is at its lowest projected price so you can nab your booking at the best rate.

3. SpinLister

SpinLister is a peer-to-peer bike share app that lets you rent a bike from its owner anywhere in the world. This is a great tool when you’re visiting a city without a bike rental or bike share program, or if you’re looking for a particular type of bike. The bikes range from common cruisers to high-end mountain and road models.

4. My City Bikes

Check to see if there’s a local My City Bikes app for your destination city. Each My City Bikes app profiles on-road, MTB, and recreational biking options for a metro area or small region, and give you a map to the entry-points for each bike path or trail.

5. Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight is a great solution when you’re looking for last-minute hotel deals. Download the app and search for your destination. It will give you a range of options – from budget hotels to luxury properties – at a fraction of their typical cost.

6. Uber

If you’re going 100% car-free on your next vacation, Uber is a useful backup plan for getting around at night or in bad weather. You can even use Uber to get from city to city. Uber is almost always cheaper than a cab. Traveling with your own bicycle? Request an Uber XL to ensure the vehicle is large enough to fit you and your bike.

7. Packpoint

Packpoint is a super handy app that helps you pack the perfect bag based on where you’re going, what you’re doing, and for how long. It will help you create a smart packing list so you’ll be prepared for every day of your journey.

8. Yelp

You’re probably used to using Yelp at home to find great places for everything from brunch to boutiques. Do the same while you’re on vacation! Get the inside scoop on the best local…everything on Yelp.

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